Grey Sky Appeal


We hope you got to go see Grey Sky Appeal with Slick Rick down in Denver. In case you didn’t, here’s a sample of their music. The trio is comprised of two rappers and a producer who had a serendipitous meeting and slowly became the dope crew that they are today. Check them out on bandcamp.

Colorado Dreamin by the ReMINDers and AmpLive

AmpLive recently released a new track called Closer to the Sun featuring the ReMINDers. The ReMINDers are a married duo from Colorado Springs that exemplify family in Hip Hop. They often tour with Brother Ali and others from the Rhymesayers crew. Their DJ, Lazy Eyez, held down Basementalism for years. Check out The ReMINDers on facebook and AmpLive on soundcloud


Chris Karns & Scratch Bastid Scratch Remix

CO’s own Chris Karns(Formerly DJ Vajra) has been making some damn noise. Our once resident Basementalism DJ has won the DMC Word Championship along with the Redbull Threestyles Battle and others, took second place in VH1′s Master of the Mix, and was recently featured on C2C’s new album. Check out his new joint with Scratch Bastid!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Talib Kweli…


With his new album Gravitas about to drop(and already leaked) it’s good to reflect on a wealth of music he has.  My boy Iz described Talib Kweli(Talib being Arabic for “seeker” or “searcher” and “Kweli” Swahili for “truth”) very eloquently as “always delivering B+ work.”  This means that no mater what track you see him on, he is always gunna be spittin some fire.  From his collabs to the legendary Black Star with Mos Def to his more recent Collaborations with Pretty Lights, Talib has proven to be a lasting and influential artist in the hip hop community.  Here is an incredible Def Poetry spoken word he gave on religion, enjoy!